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Veremos  elMundo!

Spanish for  "We will see the world"

Our goal is to help others to enjoy travel, make it easier, find those easier ways to get from point A to point B.  
If travel is not possible....  I offer Print on Demand images from some of my travels and adventures.

About Us:  My name is Tim Pate and I enjoy travel.  I grew up in a family travel extensively and was able to so much as a kid.  As a young man, I married my beautiful wife of now 35 years.  I had 20 years of working for a major airline, which afforded us the opportunity to see many cool destinations.  Now, we are passing this passion for different cultures on to our two daughters.

  Along the way you pick up a lot of tips and tricks that make the journey easier and more enjoyable. You also come to love certain areas and they become dear to your heart.   Ours is a little island named Isla Mujeres, Mx.  We would like to share insider tips that we have learned for this great location.

Instagram: @timpateonline
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